40 Cookbook Recipes
40 Cookbook Recipes

A big thank you to all who took the time to submit their family recipe to our website www.lovelytastesoftarneit.com.au

All the recipes had the required ingredients of family love and cultural tastes, this made the selecting team inspired and hungry! It was hard to choose the final recipes to feature, however here is the listed of 40 selected recipes:


1.      Asra Tanveer, Popcorn chicken

2.      Kelly Allott, Kel's Granola

3.      Sonia Kapoor, Wheat Flour Mixed Dryfruit Ladoos

4.      LOVELYKUNDU, Chicken Razela

5.      Janelle Smith, Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

6.      Heena Hussain,  Crab Barav curry

7.      Debby Barnes, Fudge Recipe

8.      Carol Bartolo, Maltese Macaroni

9.      Nirmala Mada, Chicken biryani

10.   Mona P, Paneer Tikka

11.   Michael Morawski, Graf (Macedonian bean soup)

12.   Christina Sanele, Chop Suey

13.   Padmapriya Soundarrajan, Tamarind pepper soup

14.   Natalie Gutierrez, Lemon sour cream cup cakes with lemon curd filling

15.   Susan Mitchell, Fettucine Carbonara

16.   Julie Toner, Tuna Cannelloni

17.   Anal Nayak, Spinach pander curry

18.   Wendy Kynaston, Sausage stew

19.   Bethany Laffer, Banana bread

20.   Alesha  Hind, Easy Christmas Trifle

21.   Diane Healey, Aussie Kangaroo Meatballs

22.   Supriya Bhagavat, Raw Papaya Sambharo

23.   Lata Shah, Magaj

24.   Himanshu Panchal, Indian Butter Chicken

25.   Neeti Saronja, Stuffed Chicken roll with mushroom sauce

26.   Tayba Jamshed, Chocolate eclair Dessert - no bake

27.   Jennie Jackson, Tomato Salad

28.   Mary McManus, Garlic bread egg and bacon pie

29.   Ajay KUNWAR, Vegetable omelette

30.   Robyn Tilley, Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

31.   Raja Gudivada, Tomato Rasam

32.   Ann-Marie Cutajar, Nanna Mary's Pie

33.   Ammara Omair, Beef/Chicken Roll

34.   Huda Zaki, Mum’s minestrone soup

35.   Kulveen Kour, Avocado Spread

36.   Elizabeth Di Sipio, Apricot Jam

37.   Shane Healey, Aussie Sausage Rolls!

38.   Madiha Mushtaq, Roasted lamb leg

39.   Jaspreet Kaur, Sarson da saag

40.   Nuha Seyed, Sweet Potato Wrap




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Until then, keep cooking up a storm!